Dyno Tuning Services

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Interested in our Dyno Tuning Services?

Our reputation isn’t just for putting head-turning vehicles on the road. We are also known for going above and beyond to make sure the expectations of our clients are met and surpassed. We aren’t entirely happy unless our customers are too. Our skilled and experienced technicians can provide you with the expert dyno tuning services you can trust.

Gain additional data and insight into your vehicle’s performance with these optional features:

Air/Fuel Ratio, Data Logging Module Vehicle Dependent – Provides coolant temp, air intake temp, engine timing, boost pressure, etc.

Because each engine is different, we will ask you to fill out a form in order to provide us with detailed information, such as:

  • The year and make of the car
  • The type of fuel the car uses
  • The size of the engine
  • The engine’s compression ratio
  • The existence of any engine problems
Dyno Tuning




Ideal for establishing a current power rating from a vehicle.


  • Vehicle preparation and warm-up
  • Benchmark pulls (not limited)
  • Post-modification result pulls (opt for)
  • Results graph printed or delivered via email

At this point in the session, we give insight into your vehicle’s performance.

If you are not happy with your rear wheel power ratings, one of our certified techs can supply you with a list of options specific for your vehicle’s needs. At this point if you decide choose to go along with any suggested work the price then becomes labor rates.


Ideal for early model vehicles with OBDII systems


  • Standard Dyno Tuning Package • Vehicle preparation and warm-up
     • Benchmark pulls (not limited)
     • Post-modification result pulls
     • Results graph printed or delivered via email
  • Full cat back exhaust (dual exhaust $200 extra)
  • Upgraded air filter
  • Modify the stock air box for max airflow
  • Calibrate MAS
  • Clean and calibrate the injectors
  • Reprogram the computer

On average you will receive an additional 80-120 rear wheel horsepower (numbers will vary)


Are you stressing over your vehicle passing emissions? No Problem! We will strap your car to the dyno get the air/fuel reading with a few pulls and we its smooth sailing from there.

  • Standard Dyno Tuning Package
     • Vehicle preparation and warm-up
     • Benchmark pulls (not limited)
     • Post-modification result pulls
     • Results graph printed or delivered via email
  • O2 bung insert
  • Air/Fuel mixture ratings

If we can re-calibrate the A/F mixtures from the carburetor, no emissions charge will be issued.


When stock just isn’t enough! This is a great feature to gain some HP’s to the wheels. Our dyno certified tuner will spend time to studying the tables of your vehicle to make the most (safe) horse power your vehicle can handle. You will be amazed at what your vehicle lacks and where he can pull power from while still running on pump gas.


  • Standard Dyno Tuning Package
     • Vehicle preparation and warm-up
     • Benchmark pulls (not limited)
     • Post-modification result pulls
     • Results graph printed or delivered via email
  • Licensing fee ($299-$399)
  • Programing the ECM

This is a great idea for motor swaps in early model cars with fuel supply, starting, or injector issues.

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