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RCI Racing

RCI Racing

A leader in safety products for racing, RCI Racing manufactures safety clothing, racing seats, 4-5 point harnesses, wrist restraints and fuel cells with rollover protection. Most of their products are for the track, but a few make it on the street. Aluminum fuel cells are popular for their low weight and strong skin.

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5-Way Racing Harnesses

Fuel Cells

Drag Race and Pro Street Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Caps, Filler Necks, and Accessories

5-Way V-Type Racing Harness

5-Way Racing Driver Restraints are SFI 16.1 certified, crafted with high quality extra long webbing material. Each set includes mounting hardware and is available with cam-lock or latch lock style buckles.
These premium heavy-duty RCI Fuel Cells use lightweight TIG-welded 5051 aircraft aluminum alloy with installed -8AN male pickup/return fittings and -8AN rollover vent fitting.
RCI Fuel Cells areMade of high-strength polyethylene with an aircraft-style flush mount cap assembly, -8AN outlet fittings, -8AN rollover vent fitting, and a 2″ sump or flat bottom.
If you want to improve your fuel cell or replace worn components, look no further. With filler caps, filler necks, gaskets, and rollover valves, you’re sure to find the right part for your fuel cell.
RCI 5-Way V-Type Racing Harnesses are 16.1 SFI certified, high-quality with extra long webbing and include hardware for roll bar or floor mounting. Available with a cam-lock or latch link release.


Poly Racing

Wraparound Restraints

Fuel Cell Drag Mount Kits

Poly Seat

An engine diaper is designed to retain engine fragments and liquids from hitting the ground and potentially puncturing a tire or losing traction. All RCI Engine Diapers are SFI 7.2 approved.
Polyethylene seats, available in low or high back, offer double-wall construction to handle extreme race conditions. They have fixed mounts for easy installation and cutouts for all styles of shoulder belts.
RCI Racing Harness Belts are16.1 SFI certified.  They feature 3″ wide straps with extra long, high-strength webbing. Their wraparound design makes for easy mounting, which is perfect for dragsters.
RCI’s Fuel Cell Mount Kits fit easily into the 360-degree mounting recesses on your fuel cell for secure mounting. Each kit comes custom to fit your RCI fuel cell and includes all hardware needed.
RCI recommends using their seat mounts and slider brackets whenever installing an RCI poly seat into your hot rod. Choose from a fixed mount or adjustable sliders for your desired position.

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RCI Racing

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